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Bold and beautiful academy

About Our Academy

We offer a modern Beauty Professional Certificates programs delivered by passionate and industry leading experienced instructors. With a strong emphasis on practical application of skills, live demonstrations, and the industry’s bests guest artists we strive to create a successful artistic, confident Beauty Stylist. We have an extensive library of hundreds of industry leading instructional videos addressing haircutting, barbering, styling, color, foils, advanced color techniques, perm, consultation, retailing, health and safety and waxing. Videos are used to aid in the classroom and practical instruction. The instructional videos are available to students while attending the program.
Bold and beautiful academy

What You Might Not Know ?

Artist. Stylist. Technician. Entrepreneur – Hair Professional

Hairstyling is no longer what it used to be. The days of just walking into a barber shop and getting a trim and a shave are long gone and today, being a hairstylist or barber is a demanding and challenging career that takes design, art and creativity to a whole new level. The scope for employment for a professional hairstylist is enormous, with many hairstylists opening their own salons exclusively for hairstyling. Others go into consultancy and still others have made a lucrative career out of the production and marketing of hair care products.

Beauty Professionals are in High Demand

A career in hairstyling can be a challenging one, as the need for cutting edge stylists is very high, both in the entertainment field and in everyday life. More and more people want to look good and are willing to take the risk to try something different. A professional Beautician must be able to find a cut and style that will suit their client and ensure that the client is satisfied enough to be a return again.

The Bold & Beautiful Beauty Academy is managed by a BOARD OF GOVERNORS, but, the day to day administration of the Academy is led by a PROGRAM DIRECTOR, assisted by THE ADMISSIONS OFFICER, COURSE ADVISER AND PROGRAM COORDINATOR.
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